Empower Virtual

A Digital Approach to Rehabilitation & Training

 Do you travel often or have a busy work / life schedule that limits your ability to get to the clinic?  Are you experiencing pain and looking for help now?

With Empower Virtual, you can receive instant advice from the convenience of your home or workplace!  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can determine the best course of action, so don't hesitate, schedule your free 15-minute consultation now to see if Telehealth Physical Therapy is right for you or book your initial evaluation if you're ready to get started.

Wherever You Are, WE ARE!
One-on-One Physical Therapy
And Training That Gets RESULTS

Empower Fitness & Performance is pleased to offers online physical therapy evaluations and follow-up treatments to provide you with access to an expert physical therapist wherever you may be in the state of Nevada.  


Connect with your therapist on Empower Virtual, with our remote telehealth services, you can schedule sessions that accommodate your work and life schedule!

No longer are distance, traffic, or travel a barrier to getting the help you need to stay active and pain-free!  From Las Vegas to Reno, we've got you covered!

Helping You Live Life On Your Terms

Sports Medicine

Do you have back pain after golfing? 

Knee pain after running? 

Have you had an ACL reconstruction? 

General Orthopedics

Difficulty playing with your children or grandchildren because of pain?

Do you limit your walking due to fear of losing your balance? 

Is your knee pain making it hard to get up and down your stairs?

Athletic Performance

Are you a competitive or recreational athlete training for an event?

Are you looking for a safe, challenging, and effective training program to prepare you for your sport?

Are you noticing pain or limitations in your ability to get into the positioning required during training?

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